The pay it forward philosophy at Infinite Imaging


By: Jolene Maria Thomas



I joined the team at Infinite Imaging in the middle of the summer when the days were charmingly long, undeniably hot and adorned with fresh sea-salted air. Walking through the doors of the Portsmouth location into the sun soaked colorful lobby I was instantly greeted by Felicia’s smiling face.

Beyond the front desk, each department at Infinite Imaging buzzes with skilled people, producing products of a quality that is second to none. Everyone who has worked with us knows this first hand and our reputation on the Seacoast speaks to that.

With that in mind we wanted to give back to the people who believe in us, trusting us with their projects time and again.


And thus, the New Customer Referral Program was born.

(Please feel free to click the link to print out yours to pass along today!)


Some key aspects of this program that make it remarkable are:

It is a mirrored benefit system

Whether you are a current customer or a new customer to Infinite Imaging, you will still get the same serious savings.

We did this to express our thanks to everyone who does business with us. There are so many places to choose from we realize how special it is that we are still your go to for everything printed (and more).

So, thank you.

There are no caps on how many referrals can be given

infkarThe word infinite was chosen not only because of our company name but because it is a clever little nod to the idea that our customers are free to refer as many people to the program as possible (and get as many referral rewards in exchange).  Of course we cannot totally express how much we appreciate spreading the word about us but we didn’t want to limit that either.

The program is deliberately pay-it-forward-esque

One definition for karma is “the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.” We chose to emulate the good we wanted to see in the world with this campaign which gives people the chance to do good and have that goodness come back around.

We truly hope that you benefit from these offers and you can start today by printing out this card. If you’re a new customer simply bring this in with you when you place or pickup your order. If you’re a current customer with us just print out the card, attach your business card, and pass it along to people you believe will benefit from our services. Once the card comes back around to us, we will send you your referral savings.


Hope to see you around soon with your referral card in hand,

Jolene Maria Thomas

Marketing coordinator

Infinite Imaging/West End Creative

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