6 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use a Local Print Company

If you’re a small business owner or run a community-supported organization, you understand the benefits of building trusted relationships with local vendors and customers. It’s the way good work gets done AND it supports your community. Likewise, a great relationship with a local print company can boost your business’s bottom line. Here’s why:

Relationship = trust = better results

Forging a new relationship with a local print company can open up all kinds of opportunities to market your business. As you get to know each other, you’ll discover new ways to work together, which strengthens your business. You get solutions and advice relevant to your business and its needs.

Great customer service

Online printing appears to cost less but, if your order is printed wrong, it’s tough to correct. Instead of speaking with a print professional you know and trust, you’re stuck with a faceless online retailer.

Partnerships lead to cost-savings

A trusted local printer knows how to save you money, whether by using different paper stock, bundling jobs, out-sourcing production and more. They can usually recommend more cost-effective options for your projects, saving you money and time. If your project doesn’t require a tight turnaround, your printer can offer more pricing options based on timing (rush jobs are more expensive).

Connections lead to the best results

Today, print projects are so specialized that they may need equipment only available from larger print companies. A good print company is connected: they know who to turn to for help with complex projects. They should know when a project is beyond their expertise or capacity yet still know how to get it done.

These connections mean quality results and cost-savings for you. For example, if your project doesn’t require a tight turnaround, your printer can offer you better pricing because his labor and equipment costs are less (those costs are higher with rush jobs). Another solution may be producing part of a job up front and the remainder later.


Working with the same company for your printing needs ensures consistently professional results. Say you need new business cards. Your print company will keep your business card design on file until you need more. If you need to re-order, new business cards can be printed in a matter of minutes. Your printer also should be able to keep samples of your work on file to ensure, for example, that the color of your brochure or handout is the same as your original business cards. They should be visually inspecting colors before printing your project; many online printing companies don’t.

Community focus

Your local printer is part of your community and contributes to its social and economic structure. By giving them your business, you can feel good about supporting a local business like yours. When you spend money in your own community, it in turn helps your organization.

The next time you’re looking for a printer, look around your community. It’s a great way to support another local business and boost your bottom line.