Appledore Marine Engineering, located in Portsmouth, NH, is a dynamic consulting engineering firm dedicated to providing marine/waterfront design, and inspection services around the world.

The Need:

For more than two decades, Appledore Marine Engineering, LLC (AME) has relied on Infinite Imaging to print and assemble their project-related materials and a relationship has developed that fosters consistency and accuracy across all their projects.

A typical project, like one they undertook for the Navy in Guam, includes construction drawings, specification books, cost estimate reports and full size engineering drawings. With tight deadlines driven by government contracts, AME requires that the files they upload to Infinite Imagining’s online plan room can be produced quickly and professionally and they have come to rely on the attention to detail the staff provide.

The Solution:

Over the years, the Infinite Imaging team has developed an eye for catching the nuances of colors that might not translate from digital file to print or those that may vary from machine to machine.

Before production begins, Infinite Imaging’s print and reprographic experts carefully review each of the submitted files and make sure no draft elements, like comments in the margins, have snuck into the final files. They also make sure that all the company’s branding, such as their three color logo, are consistent between each item being produced.

“Engineering drawings especially have multiple layers of tonality and if you aren’t watching carefully, they will disappear once they are printed,” says Candace Parker, the Print Production Specialist who works closely with AME. “Attention to detail is also essential when it comes to pagination and scaling. With engineering drawings, you just can’t ask the machine to scale the file to fit the paper, it has to be exactly as the engineers intended and so there is often a little more work on our end to select a custom paper size that works.”

It’s this attention to detail, on a deadline, that sets the Infinite Imaging team apart from other companies. They understand that each project is part of a larger picture and how important it is that each item that is produced be consistent, accurate and of the highest quality.


“When you are dealing with government contracts, everything we submit must be accurate and timely,” said Sherri Bishop of AME. “We have never gotten anything back from Infinite Imaging that wasn’t 100% perfect and their turnaround times are amazing. They are an essential partner for our business.”

Infinite Imaging has the experience and the equipment to tackle every project component, from reprographics to spec books and reports. Find out what we can do for you.

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