The Portsmouth Fairy House Tour, an annual two-day charity event featuring more than 200 naturally built fairy houses on three historic properties, attracts 6,000-8,000 people each year to Portsmouth’s historic South End neighborhood. For the past eight years, Infinite Imaging has partnered with the organizers to bring the event to life graphically.

The Need

Brand image, posters, banners, directional signage, decals, event maps, admission wristbands, lamination.

In 2012 Caroline Piper, the event coordinator, came to Infinite Imaging looking for a one-stop design and print partner who could update the event’s brand image and produce a broad range of printed materials. As a charity event, being able to stay within budget was important—the net proceeds are donated back to the organizations that participate.

The Solution

The first step was to meet with the graphic design team to discuss the character of the event and to develop an updated brand image. The existing logo was retained for consistency, but the color scheme was freshened up and some whimsical elements were added. The new look played out across promotional posters, a new illustrated event map, directional signage, and banners.

Next, the copy team worked with the coordinator to identify a signature paper color that could be used for printing Save the Date ¼ page flyers, ticket receipts, and the event maps. The bright lime green color paper they recommended, which mirrors the design of the promotional posters, has stood the test of time and is now part of the immediately recognizable event brand. The copy team also recommended a durable waterproof paper perfect for outdoor use.

The Large Format team worked with the event coordinator to identify the most durable and cost-effective materials to use for the directional signage and the banners.

Lastly, the Infinite team designed and produced oval identification stickers for the event volunteers, and designed and produced admission wristbands, and laminated postcard size fairy house signs.

The Results

Infinite Imaging and West End Creative continue each year to partner with the Fairy House Tour to update and print the promotional posters, the event map, and banners, and to produce new directional signage when needed.

“The brand image Infinite Imaging created for the Fairy House Tour lives on and has become an immediately recognizable identity of the event,” said Caroline Piper, who coordinates the event. “Thoughtful timeless design and high quality printed signs has meant we can reuse much of what we produce year to year, which allows us to stay within our budget and raise more money for the community. We couldn’t put this event on without Infinite Imaging and West End Creative.”