Marc Michaud & Associates is a Bookkeeping, Human Resources, Taxes & Consulting company based in Hampton, NH.

The Need:

Already an established firm, Marc Michaud & Associates had a logo they had been using for several years but felt it was time for a refresh. They met with Abby, a West End Creative graphic designer, to discuss the design and color scheme (green) they wanted. To hone in more clearly on their style, they reviewed other company logos and articulated what they liked, or didn’t, and why. Open to new ideas, they also granted Abby the leeway to develop a new tag line.

The Solution:

As part of West End Creative’s logo refresh package, Abby developed three different modern logo options that played with the double M in the business name and/or incorporated graphic elements that inferred accounting services. Each version included the requested green color and a new tagline: “Turning vision into value.”

The client reviewed the three options and selected the one that featured a double ‘M’ made out of directional arrows. Happy with the fonts, color, and layout, no changes were needed and so the new logo and tagline were then applied to business cards, which were printed on site by Infinite Imaging’s expert printers. Within days of the first consultation, Marc Michaud & Associates was off and running with their new image.


“It was so quick and easy. I’d called around to other places and been told that I’d have to wait at least a month for an appointment,” said Kim Fortuna, Business Manager, Marc Michaud & Associates. “Within a few days of contacting West End Creative, I had my design consultation and was reviewing proofs of our refreshed logo. We got to choose from three great designs that we felt didn’t need any changes and our clients have commented on how much they like our new logo and tagline.”

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