Northeast Passage specializes in providing innovative solutions for individuals with disabilities including children, adults and our nation’s military personnel. They are a nationally recognized leader in providing therapeutic recreation services. They turned to Infinite Imaging for assistance with a team building project they needed for a fundraiser held at the University of New Hampshire’s College of Health and Human Services.

The Need

The mission of Northeast Passage is to create an environment where individuals with disabilities can recreate with the same freedom of choice, quality of life, and independence as their non-disabled peers. Keely Ames came to Infinite Imaging in search of a creative way to display oversized photos for their team-themed fundraising event at UNH. The biggest challenge was that the photos needed it to be interactive for the UNH students to build on their communication skills.

The Solution

Combining Lisa's wide format expertise with Kelsey's creative design talent, the concept started with the idea of using individual photos that somehow came together to form a bigger picture. First, they considered photos that hung on a wall or structure, which could be removed and moved around. While brainstorming, Kelsey suggested the idea of creating large stacking cubes where the photos could be viewed from all sides and easily moved around. The cubes needed to be lightweight, completely mobile and, when put together in a correct pattern, would spell out the word “team”. Photos were shared with Infinite through a UNH file sharing site. West End Creative used the photos to design the layout. From there, the wide format production crew created sixteen, 2’x2’, Coroplast boxes and applied decals of the photos. The custom solution was one of the largest structures they had ever completed. The entire job took only a few weeks to complete and Infinite Imaging was able to work within the stated budget.

The Results

At the event, the cubes were split into four areas during the cocktail hour and then brought together when everyone went to the ballroom for dinner. North East Passage's event was very successful. The students could fully participate in the team building challenge and the cubes showcased the effectiveness of the program.