Piping Plover Baking Co., a “from scratch” bakery, is based in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The Need:

Piping Plover baker and owner Erin Silvia needed a hand-drawn rendering of their namesake transformed into a mouthwatering graphic logo for her business.

The Solution:

The West End Creative graphic designer brought the initial drawing–done by the owner’s daughter Hanako Saltsman–to life by infusing color to the drawing and formalizing the elements in a way that would print professionally. The initial round of proofs included two options for fonts—one that played off the double meaning of ‘piping’ and a second that had a more traditional feel. Three rounds of proof reviews and feedback honed the design and steered it towards the more whimsical and colorful.

The circular logo elements were then translated into the traditional rectangular shape of a business card.  A tagline that her other daughter, Adelaide Saltsman, “cooked” up—Scratch Baking for Everyone—was incorporated. The feel of her business card was important, and the Infinite Imaging staff helped Erin select a paper weight and finish that was pleasing to the touch.


Pleased with the results of the logo and the business cards, Silvia expanded her request to include a brochure that featured information about her selection of baked goods and how to order and later, a banner. The graphics and fonts from the logo informed the design of the new items, providing unifying elements that connected these new pieces with her other store branding.

West End Creative and Infinite Imaging have been wonderful to work with and they continually save the day,” said Erin Silvia, owner of Piping Plover Baking Co. “Everything is beautiful. When customers see and feel my business cards, they comment on how much they like them.

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