Sabatini Partners, LLC is a full-service construction company based in Portsmouth, NH, which specializes in the restoration, renovation, and repair of antique homes.

The Need:

Over the past 20 or so years, Sabatini Partners owner Edward Sabatini has grown to appreciate Infinite Imaging as a “one-stop-shop” for all his business needs. The professional design and print team has done just about everything for Edward’s business including reproducing construction plans; refreshing their logo; creating vehicle graphics and window decals; designing letterhead, business cards, banners, and job signs; and even creating high-quality prints of the paintings Edward does in his spare time. So when Sabatini Partners was ready for a full set of high quality and durable branded apparel, Edward and his marketing coordinator, Marie Caswell, went to the Infinite Imaging team to see what they could do.

The Solution:

Unlike branded apparel for a corporate setting, Sabatini Partners employees would be putting these clothes to the test on the job sites each day. They wanted t-shirts for warmer weather, long sleeves t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts for cooler weather and needed to visually differentiate the foreman from the crew.
The Infinite team worked with Edward and Marie to identify the style, color, and quality of apparel that would be durable, functional and on-brand. They went through several rounds of samples before selecting the final products—grey shirts with the company’s signature maroon and gold lettering for summer, maroon shirts with white and gold lettering for colder weather, and a zippered pullover for the foreman. They even created a branded bandana for Edward’s beloved dog, Luigi.


“My guys love the shirts,” reports Edward. “Infinite Imaging had a great selection of options for me to choose from.”

“I love going into the Infinite Imaging building and the whole energy down there. They are set up to be a professional environment, but it’s friendly and laid back,” Edward continues. “It’s easy to work with them and the results are always very good. And my dog loves them! I can’t go there without Luigi.”
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