Sparrow Rose Herbals produces Eco-friendly, herbal products made from the Earth without preservatives, chemicals, GMO’s or artificial ingredients.

The Need:

Sparrow Rose Herbals came to Infinite Imaging and West End Creative in need of a label design and a small batch of product labels in various sizes for their line of natural products including lotions, oils, bath salts, lip balms and candles.

As a small local company, Sparrow Rose Herbals is building their customer bases in part by word of mouth and so it’s essential that every product they put in a customer’s hands features their brand.

The Solution:

First time customer, Sparrow Rose Herbals worked with the designers at Infinite Imaging’s in-house design group, West End Creative to develop a label that captured the values and personality of the company.

Next, Sparrow Rose Herbals collaborated with the print team to identify the best material and coating to suit their needs. They needed to be able to write a description on each label and affix the label easily and securely to a variety of surfaces including plastic and glass.


Once the design was completed, Infinite Imaging was able to do a short run of 200 adhesive backed labels with a matte laminate in four different sizes within a few days. Sparrow Rose Herbals’ wide assortment of products now has a coordinated look but the labels are versatile enough to be customized.

“Our customers have commented positively on both the design and the professional feel of our labels,” said Jade Place of Sparrow Rose Herbals. “We are proud of the Eco-friendly products we make and are so grateful to West End Creative and Infinite Imaging for making us equally as proud of what’s on the outside of our packaging.”

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