Vapotherm, Inc. is an Exeter, NH, based company that develops and manufactures advanced, noninvasive technology for patients with chronic or acute breathing disorders. Working with health care providers worldwide, the company’s technology has helped more than one million patients, from premature babies to geriatrics.


With product users in numerous foreign countries, Vapotherm prints thousands of instructions for use (IFUs) annually in at least ten different languages and ships them with their medical devices to hospitals and physicians worldwide. Timing is key. Recently, the company had two days to get 50 IFUs printed, laminated, scored and inserted with a chain (to attach to equipment being shipped) before the end of Vapotherm's sales quarter.


Fortunately, Lauren Worrell, international regulatory & marketing assistant at Vapotherm, has a great working relationship with Sandy and the Infinite Imaging staff. "They're always on track," she says. "They got the job done quickly, accurately and delivered the manuals to us, which was one less thing for me to worry about." Vapotherm staff attached the IFUs to the medical devices, packed them, and shipped them out to their sales force in Slovakia, making the quarter deadline.


Vapotherm trusts Infinite Imaging to print all of its IFUs and quick reference guides accompanying its medical devices. Vapotherm's quality and regulatory team reviews all manuals before equipment is shipped. It's critical that the manuals are printed correctly: no smudges, accurately hole-punched and chained. "We don't have to do anything to the manuals when they're returned to us for shipping," says Lauren. "We have faith in Infinite Imaging to get it done right."