I’m Stuck On You — Custom Stickers, Decals, & Labels for Every Use

Custom wall decalYou might not realize it, but stickers, decals, labels—whatever you choose to call them—are all around us. They tell us what a bottle of hot sauce is, who made it and what’s in it. They tell stories on walls, identify company hard hats and vehicles. They are small black numbers on the side of a boat, the hexagonal label on boxes of product and the large color images displayed on store windows.

Decals and stickers are practical but that doesn’t mean they can’t be eye-catching, vibrant and fun too. Want a sticker that’s 60 inches wide and 100 feet long? Want a decal that looks like a giraffe or has a cut-out? Only need a short run of 50 labels to affix to a set of meeting folders? No problem. Anything and everything is possible.

Ready to get sticky? There are three elements that make truly great decals, labels and stickers:

  1. Custom product stickers and labelsDesign—Every good print job starts with a good design and stickers, labels and decals are no different. Whether you are reproducing part of your brand on a product label, printing an image on a large scale decal or creating text labels, contrast and scale need to be considered. What works on your letterhead may not work in miniature. A good designer can work with your existing branding or create something tailored to the demands of your project.
  2. Material & Finish—Labels, stickers and decals can be printed on a vinyl or paper backing with a gloss or matte finish. Your material choice will depend on how you’ll use your label and whether or not it needs to be waterproof. Finishes come down ultimately to personal preference for sheen.
  3. Custom window and door decalAdhesives—Decals are meant to stick, sure. But the question is how strongly and for how long? There are adhesives for the hedgers and re-users among us who need to stick, remove and relocate their decals. And there are adhesives for the decisive and committed—one stick and you are permanently affixed. Selecting the right adhesive can mean the difference between the happy customer who can easily remove a price tag from your line of hand blown glasses or the frustrated one who has to live with it permanently.

Let Infinite Imaging’s flexibility and capacity to do short runs of just about any kind of adhesive item be an inspiration. Learn more about what sticks for your business.

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Custom stickers and wall decal