From pixels to paper…Ideas that will transform your designs into great looking prints

That amazing photo looks great on your computer screen, but now you’re wondering what is the best way to get if off of your monitor and on to your wall.

You’re getting ready to print a professional brochure, but not sure what type of paper will work best with the design.

You just landed a big graphic design job, but find yourself struggling to find inspiration.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, don’t worry, the print experts at Infinite Imaging are here to help. We have listed a few printing ideas below that can stimulate your creativity and help you make the right decisions while working with your local printer.

Gloss or Silk?

Paper coatings and finishes are a great way to add that special touch to your photo printing, poster printing or business card printing project. Glossy paper can transform your brochure or flyer into something special. Using a glossy stock will provide a vibrant richness to your colors, and a crisp look to your high resolution photos. However, one drawback of using gloss stock is the glare. Silk is a good alternative if you are putting together a real estate a portfolio, a coil bound book, or mounting your images behind glass. Silk paper offers the same vibrancy as gloss, but without the highly reflective surface.

White ink printing

Need to wow a client with a design? White ink printing has a fresh and distinctive look that will make your graphics pop. White ink printing is a unique method of printing white ink on a dark paper, resulting in a high contrast crisp look. In the past the only way to achieve a white ink was by silk screen or foil stamping; both are costly and time consuming. With today’s technology white ink printing can be done quickly and affordably. We love this tabletop menu we produced on our digital press with black cover stock.

Spot Varnish

This technique will add an elegant touch to a pocket folder or a business card. The process involves applying a shiny gloss varnish to only a portion of the printed piece, while the rest remains matte. The effect creates a subtle effect that can highlight a certain area of the print or add depth to specific elements, like a logo or a graphic.

Adhesive Back Vinyl

Adhesive back vinyl printing can be really effective for printing anything from large signs to small decals. There are many advantages to printing on vinyl, but one of the biggest is the longevity of the material. ABV is perfect for outdoor graphics because it is durable and waterproof. UV ink printing makes it resistant to fading in the sunlight. The peel and stick feature allows it to be placed on almost any clean surface, and the flexibility of the material allows it to be easily cut into endless shapes and sizes, or wrapped around a corner. Adhesive Back Vinyl is also a perfect solution for decking out an interior wall with photos or a wrapping vehicle with graphics.