Reprographics — Big, Bold and Not Just for Blueprints

Architects, Landscape Designers, Developers and Builders of all kinds have long known that reprographics is synonymous with large-format reproductions of blueprints and other scale drawings. But reprographics also offers the possibility of fast and affordable large-format color printing for just about any business.

How do you know if reprographics is right for you? Ask yourself, is your project:


Reprographics includes any copies that exceed 12 x 18. Reprographic machines can reproduce anything up to 3 feet wide and 20 feet long. Painters use reprographics to create wall-size stencils for the exteriors of buildings and archivists use reprographics to reproduce odd sized documents.

BOLD (but not color matched)?

Reprographic machines offer the option of rich color copying when exact color matching isn’t required. Temporary business signs are a great example of where reprographics rich color capabilities can be effective when an exact match isn’t required.

Is COST a consideration?

For projects that need to look good but don’t require the level of adjustment control that traditional large format printers offer, reprographics provides the most competitive pricing with the highest quality results. Promotional posters are a great example of where reprographics can produce vibrant large format copies at an affordable price—and on your choice of regular or waterproof paper to boot!

Do you need it SCANNED?

In a digital world, sometimes it’s not enough to just have a hard copy of something. Reprographics offers the chance to duplicate and scan. The high-resolution scanning capability of reprographics means you’ll have a digital file that can be reproduced again. And again. Even when the physical copy is long gone.

Do you need it FAST?

Most people stumble into reprographics by accident when they need something within hours, not days. Reprographic is a great option when time is not on your side and you needed your oversized project, like, yesterday.

The core of reprographics has always been printing construction, architectural and engineering drawings, which means you can count on your reprographics professional to have a keen attention to detail (after all, exact scaling of plans is essential in construction) and to provide the highest level of service even while the clock is ticking.

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